Malört är en kvinnodriven tatueringsstudio i hjärtat av Malmö, och har ambitionen att erbjuda konstnärlig tatuering i en öppen och välkomnande atmosfär. Du som kund har möjlighet att välja bland ett varierat utbud av stilar från de huserande yrkeskvinnorna och deras gäster.

For our foreign clients

Malört (wormwood) is a tattoo shop sited in Malmö, Sweden. We opened up in august 2009, under the name Hjärtat av Guld (Heart of Gold).

We offer our clients high-end custom tattooing, with focus on tattooing as an art form, rather than an over-the-counter-service. For pictures of our work, check out the “tatuerare” section to watch our personalized galleries.

All our staff have attended the “blood borne pathogens and the principles of infection control”-course by Health Educators International. Our business is supervised and approved by the Swedish health- and environmental protection authorities to ensure a clean and hygienic work environment.

We also carry a small selection of books, art, music and other peculiar stuff.

We only use vegan tattoo color, and vegan tattoo aftercare.

If you have any inquiries, feel free to contact us at 0046 40 97 34 33 (shop) or by email at